Tangent and Ex-Table Denmark AGM 2020

May 1st to 3rd
I want to go!


The program is simply a lovely weekend in the forest with the nicest people. We have a focus on fellowship, party, lovely food and drinks in the middle of the blooming Rold Forest with Comwell Rebild as our base.

Live music both evenings and extra focus on the culinaric experience is the foundation for the most cosy weekend.

A guided tour in the forest is arranged for partners during the AGM meetings, to provide a unique nature experience in the hills of Rebild.


Forest Springbreak Party.


AGM and guided tour in the forest.

Gala dinner.


Farewell brunch.


The more the merrier.

The full package
Early bird at 2.950 DKK

3.100 DKK after 01-01-2020

The first 100 double rooms are reserved until 01-03-2020 and distributed on a first come first served basis. After booking of the 100 rooms and 01-03-2020 rooms can't be guaranteed.
1.400 DKK

1.000 DKK without room

  • Forest Springbreak
  • Delicious food
  • Acustic live music
  • Beer, wine and softdrinks ad libitum until 23:00
  • Late night snack
  • Stay in shared double room
  • Lovely reunion with old and new friends
AGM with lunch
450 DKK

  • AGM or forest tour
  • Lunch
Breakfast Saturday
125 DKK

  • Breakfast for the newly arrived together with the ones staying from Friday
1.800 DKK

1.400 DKK without room

  • AGM meeting or forest tour
  • Lunch
  • Delicious food
  • Live dance music
  • Beer, wine and softdrinks ad libitum until 23:00
  • Late night snack
  • Stay in shared double room
  • Cosy day with the best company
Single room
300 DKK extra per night

If you don't have a partner or regular room-mate, and you are too scared to try your luck in the bed-tombola it is possble to book a single room.


How did we end in the forest?

  • Sunday April 29th 2019

    A brainfart in the car

    During a drive home from a family visit we played with the idea about making an AGM, just the two of us with help from friends during the weekend. We agreed that it would be possible in Rold Skov, if Comwell Rebild would play along.

  • Wednesday May 1st 2019

    Invitation was put on Facebook

    We made a flyer ready and filed our candidacy with an invitation on various of the Tangent and Ex-Table Facebook pages.

  • Thursday May 2nd 2019

    Invitations going to print

    Paper version of the invitations was made very fast, to be ready for hand out at the AGM in Roskilde the next day.

  • Saturday May 4th 2019

    We got it

    To our great joy Tangent and Ex-Table Denmark said yes to our invitation and we could continue with the plans. Many lovely peoble imidiately promised to lent a hand in the planning, we are happy for all the support we've got.

  • Thursday May 21st 2019

    Comwell Rebild visit

    The first meeting a Comwell Rebild, talk about buy a pig in a poke. Happily it looks really good, the facilities are great, the cooperation starts well and we're geeting ready good facilities for the weekend.

  • Thursday May 30th 2019

    The Danish homepage goes public

    First version of the Danish homepage is released.

  • Tuesday July 30th 2019

    Order module is ready

    After the first 20 bookings were received as text messages we got a booking module on the homepage and the bookings started to flow in rapidly.

  • Wednesday October 2nd 2019

    The English homepage goes public

    First version of the English homepage is released.

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